Adult Secondary Credential Task Force

The Adult Secondary Credential Task Force was formed to address concerns regarding the large number of adults in Minnesota over age 21 without a secondary credential that are not eligible for services from the state’s K-12 districts.  These adults typically encounter numerous barriers when pursuing a GED to prepare for work or college. Without a pool of adults that hold the secondary credential needed for work, school and life success, Minnesota employers face serious workforce preparation challenges that impact economic growth and vitality.

Phase One - Completed

Culminated in the following documents:

Phase Two - July 1-December 31, 2012  

  • Coordination of focus groups around the state involving ABE and other relevant professionals
  • Development of a final report with legislative proposals

Task Force Membership

Co-Chairs - Tim O'Brien and Kristine Halling

Legislative Liason - Tom Cytron-Hysom

Members - Beverlee Mountain, Sarah Larson, Marty Olsen, and  Julie Nigon

MDE Representatives - Barry Shaffer and Brad Hasskamp

Consultants - Sheridan Stowe - Anne Weyandt and John Cacich